Driving With My Daughter (g1 Learner And Epilepsy)

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Driving With My Daughter (g1 Learner And Epilepsy)

by: Covesen on

Hi all

I recently had my license temporarily suspended 6 months due to a diagnosis of epilepsy for which I am now receiving medication

Can I still be the only passenger in the vehicle with my daughter (she have a G1) at the wheel even tough I am not allowed to drive?


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by: highwaystar on

If your license is under suspension (for any reason), then you do not meet the definition of an "accompanying driver" as per section 5(2) of Ontario Regulation 340/90.

You will see that subsection 5(2) (a) says that you must be a "fully licensed driver" which you aren't because (as per the definition in section 1(1) of that same Regulation) you must be "authorized to drive". If you are suspended, you aren't authorized to drive.

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