careless driving ticket

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careless driving ticket

by: bebek729 on
Mon May 09, 2011 11:35 pm

Hi everyone. I got into an accident last September involving two other vehicles, basically a police siren went off in the middle of nowhere, at that time there were two cars in front of me and the very first car is already in the middle of the road and had to make an abrupt stop to make way for the police car. The second car stopped just in time but unfortunately I didn't. I rear eneded the second car which in turn rear ended the first one. The police car that rang the siren turned into our scene (which was not his original route) and said I ' wasn't paying attention while driving'. I was paying full attention - both hands on the wheel, wasnt using any electronic device and wasnt speeding. He then called another police up to the scene as well as ambulances but no one was really injured. My car suffered the most damage but was still repairable and the other two cars had really minor damages. The police that arrived later gave me a ticket of careless driving.
I've decided to fight this ticket and i just received a court notice in October. And I also noticed that my ticket was not signed under signature of issuing provincial offences officer. Is this ticket still valid? Is there any way that I can get this charge cancelled if it's not valid without even going to court? If I do need to show up at the court, I want to go prepared without risking that it MIGHT be cancelled. What is the normal procedure of requesting disclosures and any other suggestion that I fight this on my own?
Thank you in advance.
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