80 Mph In 65mph Zone In Ny State/ Ont. Driver, Ont. Car

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80 Mph In 65mph Zone In Ny State/ Ont. Driver, Ont. Car

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I need some advice and facts, a couple of days ago I was given a speeding ticket in NY state (syracuse I believe) for going 80 mph in a 65mph zone. I was following the American Red Cross Van in the passing lane and the State Trooper in the median seen me pass by and pulled me over.

Asked me if I knew how fast I was going, I responded "I don't know",which I believe isn't the greatest response :/ ... The officer DID NOT show me the radar. (that's if he even used it)

Some of you fellows may laugh at this but I believed I was "profiled" if that's the correct terminology? Young guy (like a Vin Diesal kinda look according to my mother) driving with what it seems a young lady in the car in a black SUV. Well I was driving my family down for vacation and my mother was in the passenger seat... I was wearing just a black wife beater, silver chain and rayban sunglasses. Just great ...the day I decide to shave I look like a 18 yr old that's a drug dealer in a suv to the officer. (my opinion)

Okay, now on to my question... what are my options? I can drive back down to the states and fight the ticket.... or NOT PAY?

What is the consequence for not paying the NY state? Will this affect my insurance? Will MTO be notified?

I ask because if this will get over looked then I wouldn't have to take a day off and spend a day in the US for this rediculous ticket.

Thank You for your time,


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I believe XCopper also deals with NY now according to their website. I would contact them too and see what they say. You might want to get representation for this one.

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