Red Light Camera System Offence Notice

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Red Light Camera System Offence Notice

by: bjcalli on


I just received a "Red Light Camera System Offense Notice" which shows 2 pictures of my car proceeding thru the intersection. The first 1st pic shows my car at the white line before the crosswalk when the light turned red for 000.2 secs and second picture shows my car in the middle of the intersection at 001.0 secs. The speed shown for my car on the notice was 68.The speed limit was 60. I have never received a ticket before, I'm a very conservative and conscious driver.

The notice quotes sub-section quoted is 144 (18.1) and mentions that the camera is certified to be in working order when the pictures was taken. The fine is $ 325.00. I have elected to fight this ticket, can any one advise how I would go about doing this?

I just don't want this ticket showing up on my record.


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by: Stanton on

Red light camera tickets will not affect your insurance rates because youre charged as the vehicle owner, not the driver. They do not appear on your record, unlike if you were stopped by an actual police officer and charged as the driver.

It's difficult to contest the tickets unless there's an error on them. Some jurisdictions were issuing the tickets on an older form that's no longer accepted, but I think most have corrected that mistake. Many people simply settle for taking a plea deal from the prosecutor for a reduced fine (usually about half the normal fine).

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