Lesser Charge?

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Lesser Charge?

by: Robbie00 on
Thu Dec 23, 2010 8:58 am

Hi there,

I recently received my letter indicating my trial date for the charge of failure to obey sign 182(2). I was told by the officer at the time that since it was my first offense that I should fight the ticket, go to him before the trial and he will get it taken down to 60 dollars and no points, as apposed to 110 dollars and 2 points. Now I know that a police officer has no power to get points reduced, and can only act as a witness. It is up to the Crown's discretion whether points are removed or not. I also know that it's not the points that affect insurance, but the conviction itself. What I'm wondering is do you think I would have a good chance pleading with the prosecutor before the trial to get a lesser charge of a municipal failure to obey that carries no points? As I have literally no time to go through all the steps to prepare a defense etc. I would really rather plea to a lesser charge. I will only do this if I know with some certainty that I could get the prosecutor to accept the lesser charge. Is it likely he/she would do allow this?

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