what is the lesser charge??

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what is the lesser charge??

by: hockeyangel on
Wed Jul 06, 2011 4:59 pm

I got a careless driving ticket and my court date is coming up. I have been researching it and cant really find one that makes sense in my case. So i was pulling out of a parking lot onto a road and i stopped at the stop sign. waited a second looked both ways and proceeded to make a left turn. I didnt see anyone on the streets at all. There are lots of parking lots around also. I had barely pulled out and all i felt was someone hitting me..she hit my rear end, passenger side and ended in front of me. I told the cop that I just didnt see anyone and I have no idea what the lady told him. He ended up giving me a careless driving ticket stating that he has to give a ticket and thats the only one that works in my case. I honestly didnt see anyone and think she may have come out of a parking lot as well but Im not sure. What is a lesser charge that i can plead as I dont have money for legal help and dont want the careless driving obviously. Other than this ticket I have one other minor speeding ticket and have been driving for 6 years and took driving school if that matters.
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Agree with admin. Careless driving is definitely something worth getting a paralegal for.

You could also get Left Turn - Not in Safety or Start from Stopped Position - Not in Safety as an alternative to Careless Driving.
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