Hta Charge Modified To By-law Charge (advice?)

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Hta Charge Modified To By-law Charge (advice?)

by: GTAcommuter17 on
Thu Nov 16, 2017 6:03 pm

Earlier today I received an offence notice in the city of Mississauga. Rather than a charge under HTA the officer issued a charge under City of Mississauga By-Law 555/2000. The correct By-Law is 555-00 so I'm wondering if this is a fatal error and/or an error that will allow me to have the charge withdrawn?

I certainly appreciate that the officer was looking to help me by charging the By-Law infraction rather than the HTA infraction. I'm curious if the officer intentionally wrote an incorrect By-Law so I could fight the offence notice and have it dismissed?

Any input and suggestions/assistance very much appreciated.

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