First Ticket Ever - Disobey No Left Turn Sign Hta 182(2)

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First Ticket Ever - Disobey No Left Turn Sign Hta 182(2)

by: jlang129 on
Mon Oct 17, 2016 12:37 pm

I was making a left turn where it was illegal to make a left turn. Sign was there but i did not notice it. I just moved here so i didn't really know the area that well and it was dark. It's not an excuse as i know i am 100% at fault for making the turn.

Not sure if this is relevant but here is some background, the car is registered in the US and i have a Canadian license. I was moving here so i came here first before my parents. My car was in the shop so i took my dads car which is a US Car.

What are my best options?

Just pay the 110 and get 2 demerit points? or speak the prosecutor or option 3 is the trial option.

A lot of my friends mentioned to go to court and hope the officer doesn't show up. But i asked a friend in insurance who mentioned nowadays cops will always show up.

So if someone give me advice on the direction to go that would be much appreciated. Obviously the preferred option is to have it thrown out entirely so it wont be on my record as this is my very first ticket EVER.


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by: bend on
Mon Oct 17, 2016 3:03 pm

Your questions are extremely common around here.

Officers rarely miss a court date. Points are practically useless (unless you get pulled over every other weekend). Insurance companies don't calculate points. The fact it's a U.S. car doesn't make a difference. Unless there is some glaring mistake or some miracle, it's not going to just disappear.

How you proceed is up to you.

If you feel inconvenienced by the whole situation and want to get it over it, then try an early resolution.

If you want to plead not guilty, then do so. Wait for your notice of trial (a letter with your court date in it), and then send in a request for disclosure (a lot of cities will provide you with a form to fill out if you don't want to make your own).

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by: bobajob on
Tue Oct 18, 2016 7:49 am

early resolution, you are basically admitting guilt, you are just trying to negotiate a smaller fine

it's still a conviction and still goes on your record and still cause potential insurance issues.

but as Bend says unless you get a miracle, it's not going away,

Opting for trial, is an option, you could get lucky and you loose nothing, LEO's usually turn up, but then again.

I went for ER and it's pretty painless, but you can't argue your case, your just negotiating the fine

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