Toronto: Accessible Parking Permit Displayed-got A Ticket

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Toronto: Accessible Parking Permit Displayed-got A Ticket

by: Michael on

Although it was dark out but my Accessible Parking Permit was prominently displayed in my windshield. I received a $105 Toronto parking ticket ("Park Vehicle in Park - Not in Designated Area" Code 250) for parking in a No Parking area. It's an electronic ticket, and nowhere on t does it indicate that a permit was or wasn't displayed (if memory serves, the old tickets had a checkbox for this).

Also, although the ticket indicates I was parked on the west side ("W/S Regatta Rd") I was, in fact, parked on the east side of Regatta Rd.

I have reviewed the information on ... arking.htm

and the May 2010 Parking Ticket Cancellation Guidelines ... elines.pdf. As far as I can tell, I was parked in a "Signed prohibited parking area" – for which my understanding is that the Accessible Parking Permit exempts me. It wasn't a regular no parking sign. It was a sign that reads "No Parking Anytime"

After reviewing the "Non-exemptions (general)" and the "Non-exemptions (where signs required)" sections of the cencellation guidelines, I see no items that interfere with appropriate use of the Accessible Parking Permit, and to the best of my understanding, none appears on the ticket (If I was parked too close to an intersection or any of the other non-exemptions, it would have that reference on the ticket, right?).

I believe that this ticket was issued in error, and I'd like to have the ticket simply cancelled. However, if I am in error, please correct me so I can become compliant and not incur such fines in the future.


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by: daggx on

Hi Michael,

It looks to me like Regatta Rd. is part of North Shore Park and so I think you have run afoul of a by-law that prohibits parking anywhere in the park except in a marked parking space. This would explain why you were tagged with "Park Vehicle in Park - Not in Designated Area" and not "park signed highway during prohibited times/days" which is the charge one would normally expect for parking in a no parking zone. That having been said it is probably worth talking to the parking tags office to see if they will cancel it. The ticket cancellation guide doesn't have anything that directly references your situation one way or the other so it is hard to say what they will do. However if you don't have any luck with the parking tag office you can always book a trial and make you case to a JP or plea bargain with the prosecution for a reduced fine.

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