Parking ticket WITH Accessible Permit

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Parking ticket WITH Accessible Permit

by: pirx02 on
Tue Jun 25, 2013 6:14 am

Hi, hoping for some help/advice. My apologies for the length. I live on a residential street in Scarborough. Recently I've been ticketed several times for parking longer than three (3) hours several times. This vehicle is registered in my name but is driven daily by my grandmother who is 76 years old. It has been parked on the street in front of our home for 6 years now, never been ticketed. The spot on the street is closer to the front door than our driveway and is easier from my grandmother, who is disabled, to get to the vehicle.

After the first ticket, I told my grandmother to make sure her Disabled Parking Permit was clearly visible in the windshield and I double checked to make sure it was clearly visible. However, night after night, the tires are chalked and the car is ticketed...5 times now. I caught the parking guy one night and asked why he was giving tickets, he said someone had called in to complain about the street parking, ridiculous. About 20 cars on my street were all ticketed. I'm under the impression a vehicle cannot be ticketed with this permit visible, yet they continue to ticket it night after night. Am I incorrect?

This past Saturday, I drove the vehicle to the store after the tires were chalked at 12:30AM and I still got a ticket at 2:10AM WITH the permit visible for parking longer than 3 hours, even though I moved the car! There is nowhere else for her to park and her disability is wholly legitimate. What are my options for fighting these tickets? At $15 each, they're adding up and I think this is completely unfair.

I appreciate your time, thanks.
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by: daggx on
Tue Jun 25, 2013 3:39 pm

If you are in Toronto then I think you can have those tickets canceled as per section 3.8 of the city's Ticket Cancellation Guide. I've attached the link to this post, take a look at it and make sure your situation meets the criteria for having the tickets canceled. If it does, then you can take your tickets in to any Parking Tags Operations Office and the clerk should cancel them for you. The section on disabled permits starts on page 10. ... elines.pdf
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