Accessible Parking Permit Seized

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Accessible Parking Permit Seized

by: Bren on
Thu Sep 24, 2015 1:50 pm

Yesterday I parked on a forbidden spot, (not a disabled or not-standing) and displayed my son's permit, the P.E.O. seized the permit. She gave me 2 "choices', I should bring him to the car or she'd go with me to fetch him. I told her he'd be a while and she said, she was also staying there for a while, so I drove off when I came back with him she was gone. They now want to investigate and confirm I was saying the truth. I don't want to disclose information of where he was. I guess they will likely serve me and I'll go to court. I hear the fines are from $300-5000, too steep for me. I am a single mother of a young man with a disability, so don't know what are my rights and his exactly and how to plead.
The fact is he was not with me at the precise moment she stopped me. How does this work?
Thank you.
OPS Copper
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by: OPS Copper on
Thu Sep 24, 2015 10:21 pm

I hear this story all the time. My "fill in the blank" is just in the store/business etc.

I wait 5 mins and lay the charge and let the courts sort it out. I also seize the pass.

You may not want to say where he was but you would rather take tie inconvenience of going to court? That makes no sense. If he was there you won't get a ticket.

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