Failure To Surrendor Insurance And Valid Permit

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Failure To Surrendor Insurance And Valid Permit

by: bailey on


I was stopped for speeding last week and in the process realized I had an expired insurance card and also didn't have the sticker that is suppose to be applied on the back of your permit. My car is a company car so it is insured and I had the sticker on my plate, just not on the back of the permit. I got a ticket for both offences (however, he let me go with a warning on the speeing ticket).

He told me to book a court date - if I go to court, do I just have to bring my insurance card and permit (which my company has sent to me now) and will the charges be let go? Do I book the court date as wanted to plea 'not guilty' or 'guity with explination?


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That is called first attendence and usually you can request it when you get your trial notice. I believe you can call the local court and request it, but i could be wrong on that. You can always talk to the crown right before the trial as well. OR
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