No Insurance Charge On Expired Pink Slip (valid Insurance)

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No Insurance Charge On Expired Pink Slip (valid Insurance)

by: runeash on
Mon Jun 20, 2016 7:06 am

I was pulled recently, the only charge was failed to show insurance card ($65) I did show insurance card but unfortunately it was out of date (few months) same policy number has valid insurance though.. I was not able to locate the physical correct date slip but tried showing officer the pdf version I had on the phone but no luck getting off the warning. He did mention that he believed me (assuming he was able to verify using policy number or plate) and suggested that I should take an early resolution option on the ticket and bring the physical copy to prosecutor and they can 99% let it go. I did request him to put in his notes that I did try to show him valid date insurance card on the phone and he said he will put it in ( nice guy )

Trying to go for early resolution, looking for guidance how to best explain the prosecutor without making it too complicated E.g Shall I tell them that I did present the pink slip with correct policy # just out of date etc. Incase they do not drop the charge, I will assume I will take my chance in court date trying the same with the prosecutor at the time. I even tried going back to police station the next morning with valid date insurance slip in the chance the officer had not filled it yet but was told nothing they could do, have to go to prosecutor. So frustrated and feel nervous (not used to going to courts/process etc...)

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by: jsherk on
Mon Jun 20, 2016 10:46 am

Once the officer puts charge in system, they have no more say on whether it is dropped or not. Only prosecutor can drop it.

Best you can do is go show prosecutor the old slip and the new corrected slip and tell them everything. If the prosecutor is in a good mood they might drop it. But they do not have to drop it if they don't want to. Completely up to them.

The charge is for not showing a valid insurance card. The fact that your insurance is actually okay has nothing to do with this charge. If prosecutor won't drop it then I would take it to court. You might be able to convince the Justice of the Peace that DID show a valid insurance sllip when you showed PDF version on your phone.

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by: whaddyaknow on
Mon Jun 20, 2016 2:10 pm

Decatur wrote:A pdf version of an insurance slip on a phone is about as valid as a photograph of your drivers licence. Not at all....

Now if you printed that PDF would you be OK?

I ask because just two weeks ago, I contacted my broker because my renewal pink slip hadn't shown up. I volunteered to come to the office to pick up a 30-day temporary pink slip but they told me no worries they would just email me one.

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by: Decatur on
Mon Jun 20, 2016 2:37 pm

Here are the appropriate definitions:

1- Compulsiry Automobile Insurance Act

"insurance card" means,

(a) a Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance Card in the form approved by the Superintendent,

(b) a policy of automobile insurance or a certificate of a policy in the form approved by the Superintendent, or

(c) a document in a form approved by the Superintendent; ("carte dassurance")

This means that you either carry your policy (impractical in most cases) or you carry "a Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance Card in the form approved by the Superintendent,"

The act is actually silent about whether you can carry a copy. Most providers give you at least two pink copies so you can carry one in a walker for each driver if you dint want an original left in the vehicle.

I personally don't have an issue with a photo copy at roadside. The huge issue with having it on your cell phone is that I don't want custody of your phone even temporarily and I can't bring it back to my vehicle with me.

If I'm in doubt that you actually have insurance, I'll be laying the appropriate change and letting the accused prove to the prosecutor that they have insurance.

No I'm not going to call your insurance company for you nor speak to someone who says they are your insurance company. And I also don't have access to a magic database for everyone's insurance.

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by: bobajob on
Tue Jun 21, 2016 8:10 am

I thought LEO's do?

UK cops certainly do, any traffic cop can tell if a car is insured and I think by who,road taxed (same as sticker), MOT'd (vehicle safety) when they stop them.

They have access to a database (actually sometimes it is wrong :) ) but they do.

They can and usually do have a hotline to ring for each insurance provider to confirm details, say if I say, oh yes I'm insured

with xyz, there computers say no, they can ring.

No insurance or proof of insurance car is impounded

but I do get the jist of your reply ;)

Decatur wrote:And I also don't have access to a magic database for everyone's insurance.
* NO you cant touch your phone
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