Opp Officer Hasn't Filed Ticket

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Opp Officer Hasn't Filed Ticket

by: Crunchbox86 on

So I'm kinda new at this. I was wondering if anyone had any information on an officer who hasn't filed a ticket within the 7 days that is allocated for them to file it. The story goes as follows. Was pulled over doing an unsafe lane change. Filed to plead guilty and spoke to the justice of the peace. I talked with the justice of the peace to lower the ticket to a minor one. As the person was on the computer to pull up my ticket they had said the officer had not filed my ticket. The justice of the peace said it was rare and that if i changed my plea to not guilty most likely the case would be thrown out. I had just recently received my court papers to appear before a judge. So if anyone has any info on how i should proceed with this it would be greatly appreciated.

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