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Ticket Not Found In Any Of Toronto Online Lookup Systems: "not Found" Or "not Yet Filed". Should I Just Leave It Alone?

by: IonicSonic on

I received an offence notice about two weeks ago from a Toronto police officer for a speeding infraction. He brought the ticket down to 10 km/h over the speed limit and zero demerit points. He had a spedometer ready and waiting at the side of the road, in case that's relevant.

Nearly every day since I received the offence notice, I've checked the status of my offense number using two different City of Toronto online lookup systems (and sometimes a third). In every instance, it always says "Offence number ######## is not yet in the system." or "Not Found" or "Case Not Found (?)".

Does this mean that the officer has not yet filed the ticket? Or might it be a technical problem with the online systems? Since it has been over 7 days, will the courthouse even accept his filing at this point (assuming that he hasn't filed it yet)?

I cannot go to the courthouse due to a health issue that has come up since I received my offence notice (I have medical documents supporting this).

Am I best to just leave it alone and not do anything? If I call or email the courthouse, will they "investigate" the matter, making it more likely that the officer will end up filing the ticket? Obviously I prefer not having a ticket on my driving record, but I don't want any other problems in the future.

Thank you and please advise on my best course of action.

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by: bobajob on

it's not been filed yet, same thing happned to me just as we were going into Covid, eventually came up, but it took a while

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