Car Impounded - Driving Under Suspension Ticket Not Filed!!!

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Car Impounded - Driving Under Suspension Ticket Not Filed!!!

by: Koobs on

Okay so an officer pulled me over and told me my license was suspended even though I showed him my documents from MTO stating I paid my fines and re-reinstatement fee! He said his system showed otherwise.

He then told me he has to impound my car for 7 days.... long story short $800 later I got my car back and called the court to confirm my court date for the driving under suspension.

The lady at the court aswell as the poa ticket help desk i contacted by email have no record of any driving under suspension ticket pending.

So my question is.... obviously if I was found guilty or maybe even there is a law if I wasnt found guilty that I am still responsible for the impound fees... but considering no ticket was even filed by the officer how can i possibly be responsible for the impound fee?!

what can I do to apply for reimbursement of these tow fees?

thank you,


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by: Decatur on

It's not a poa ticket for drive under suspension. It wouldn't be in the same database as Part one tickets.

Your Part three summons is a slightly different process and may even be under the jurisdiction of the Crown Attorneys office and not the municipal prosecutor. Deep ending on when your court date is, it may not even be processed yet.

You'll have to show up on your first appearance date and speak to whoever may be in court.

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by: jsherk on

You probably got a SUMMONS? There is a date on it and you need to show up on that date and bring copies of everything showing your license was not suspended at the time.

As far as the $800, I am not sure how you would recover it. I do not agree with these "guilty until proven innocent" tactics as this proves there is a problem with the system. The only thing I can think of is that you would have to start a civil suit and sue the officer and the department they work for and try to recover it that way, as you clearly showed that it was not suspended.

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