Moving Provinces with a DUI. Please help.

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Moving Provinces with a DUI. Please help.

by: LukeK7 on
Thu Jul 11, 2013 7:00 pm

Hello everyone and thank you for reading my post.

I know this is general chat but I couldn't find a DUI section in the forum.

Anyways, I got a DUI in Ontario and now I've found a job in Saskatchewan. I can get my interlock in August and am wondering if its possible to take the interlock out there and switch my license and everything over so I can drive in Sask. Or if it would be better to take my car out there get it registered there and then apply for the interlock while im there (if its possible to get a license there while suspended).

If anyone knows anything about this topic please let me know!

PS: Yes I know drinking and driving is BAD, I was sleeping in my car parked outside my friends house when the police came up and got me!
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