Probation Order Applies To Other Provinces?

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Probation Order Applies To Other Provinces?

by: ovoxoj on


I was convicted with careless driving under the highway traffic act section 130 of ontario.

I am on probation for 12 months and one of the stipulations state:

""Do not operate a motor vehicle for the first six months of this order except to go directly to and from work or while in the course of employment"

I am traveling to Vancouver and plan to rent a car to drive and cross the border to Seattle, is this possible for me? Does my probation carry over to another province and/or state?

Disclosure: License isnt "suspended", just probation order not to drive.


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by: jsherk on

Well it is a probation order that relates to your current license in this province.

So lets say you go to another province or the USA ...

Now they may not know about this order, however if you get a ticket in this other jusridiction and the information about you getting the ticket comes back to Ontario then they will say "if you got a ticket in another province or state, then you were operating a motor vehicle which is a violation of the order" unless you can prove that you were going to or from work or were in the course of your employment at the time of the ticket.

So probably not a good idea.

+++ This is not legal advice, only my opinion +++
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