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Re: License Plate Cover - Opp / Police In General

by: Reflections on

LowNSlow wrote: Is it illegal to record a conversation between an officer and I when I get pulled over?

Not as far as I know.

Put a sticker inside your window, "Converstions May Be Recorded"....... see what transpires. OR
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by: hwybear on

Squishy wrote:I wonder if it's different since you're HSD and I assume you have a workstation in your vehicle to do simple checks. The guys here call all plates into the com centre - parked, rolling, traffic stop, etc., and the dispatcher runs it through CPIC and ISS. I'd say a comment along the lines of "your marker was run yesterday morning by Peel, nothing given in the comments section" happens about once or twice a day.

as far as i know we all still go over the air, that way if we need help, other units know where we are....and even on the in car computer, our system is very hard, time consuming to go back and check the in-house system, 99% just use a mto online program, gives instant info of expired plates, suspend drivers and no insurance

Above is merely a suggestion/thought and in no way constitutes legal advice or views of my employer.
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by: julietsierratango on

I got pulled over once for waving to a Speed Trap as a passenger; if it makes you feel any better I'm as Caucasian as can be. This thread is not for discussing our feelings about Police Officers, but I have to say I feel better about them now that I understand what standards there are for hiring prosecutors and Justices of the Peace.

I believe the HTA leaves 'obstruction' up to the officer's judgement; if you do not want it on your record there should be some good ways of fighting it. The ways just take time.

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by: LowNSlow on

So I sent in my ticket to Communications Rd and I'm yet to hear back from them about a date. Should it take this long? I have 4 tickets with dates through peel (Brampton) and received dates. I wasn't thinking to photocopy the ticket either. Should I be inquiring? Who would I call to find out where about this is in the system? Does anyone know?

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