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Plastic License Plate Covers

by: Muskie on

What is the deal with getting an 'obstructed license plate' charge for those plastic covers license plate covers. The cover was clear, not tinted, scratched or dirty. My plates were visible.

Where is this law hiding in the HTA? and does it pertain to these covers?

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by: Mulanzo on

Would this plate be considered obstructed if ONTARIO, Yours to Discover, the crown, and the registration stickers and plate numbers were all 100% visible? This is just an example as I have a similar plate but not the same and I was toying with the idea of custom making a frame and didn't want to get slapped with a ticket.

If this plate is considered obstructed, what IS allowed in terms of a plate frame? I find the legislation pretty unspecific in terms of what is and is not allowed. From what I've read, and I'm no lawyer, but as long as the numbers are not obstructed it should be ok...


What about something like this:

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