G2 License Expired More Than 3+ Year, During Dui Suspension.

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G2 License Expired More Than 3+ Year, During Dui Suspension.

by: Muganara on

Looking for some advise!

Due to a bad choice on my part back 7 years ago, i got into a car accident and lost my license due to a DUI. I pleaded guilty and was handed my sentence.

At the time i was going to college and didn't have money to pay for all my fees, impound fees, etc. so i went without driving for the next 3 years and finished my course (and due to some circumstances i still don't have cash to start the process to get my license back). Fast forward to 2017 and i'm completing my Back on track, medical tests, etc. and was told that once the mandatory suspension and Interlock year was up i could breeze through the G1 and G2 reinstatement (just have to pay the fees)

I have JUST written my G1 test and now they tell me, that because i had a G2 license and it expired for more than 3 years, that i now have to start off fresh as a NEW driver and have to wait the 8 (if i take courses) or 12 months in order to get my licence again. I'm 30, i've paid my dues. Is there ANYTHING that can be done to suspend this under special circumstances? A way to fast-track it even more? Do i need to go appeal this in court? It just feels like i'm throwing my time and money into a pit, and this mistake now haunts me forever and will never end. Any advise or info will help!

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by: bend on

The reality here is that you never had a full license. You had a novice class license. Everyone has 5 years to complete the graduated licensing program. If not, you start over.

The government realizes that some people may have issues completing it within that time frame, so they've made certain exemptions. If you are unable to complete it within the 5 years, they will exempt you from the mandatory waiting periods when you start over (G1 - 8 or 12 months, G2 - 1 year). This exemption lasts for 3 years from the date your license expires.

After those three years, you must start all over from scratch. There isn't anything you can do other than just wait it out.

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by: DynamicVapor on

After 3 years, your SOL.

You will have to go through the waiting periods again. There is literally no one you can talk to regarding the time limits as they are firm.

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