Driving With An Expired License

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Driving With An Expired License

by: snowmann35 on


I was charged with section 32(1) for driving with an expired license. He told me that I couldn't drive my vehicle because I had and expired license. I was ready to give him the keys (I had them in my hand and was ready to hand them over) But then he told me to drive to the closest parking lot. I told him that I didn't feel comfortable doing so because it's a busy highway and not comfortable driving without my license. He told me to keep my keys and to drive to the closest parking lot which was about 300 meters. I asked him who would be responsible if I got in an accident by doing so (I had to turn left to get in the parking lot). He never answered my question and started telling me that he was "doing me a favor". I told him again that I wasn't comfortable in driving without my license and he insisted that I drove to the nearest parking lot. Him being a figure of authority I figured that I had no other choice but to listen to his directions. After parking in the entry of the parking lot, I walk a block in -20 weather with blowing wind and stopped me while I was walking. He said that I would need to move my car in the parking lot because I was obstructing traffic. So again I told him that if I get in an accident who would be responsible. He answered that if I get in an accident in a parking lot that he would be. So I walked back to the truck and moved it another hundred meters to where he was satisfied that it was parked like he wanted. He then took the time to tell me that if the owner of the parking lot (it was a church) didn't want my car there that it would be towed. Which is what I wanted him to do in the first place!!!

Any input on this would be greatly appreciated.

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by: highwaystar on

The officer saved you money on towing and storage fees. He really did you a favour!

So, now, get a friend with a valid licence to drive the car to your place. Don't wait for the church to tow the car since it'll cost you more. If you can't do this tonight, then call the church first thing tomorrow morning and let them know why your car is there and then get it out of there tomorrow. Issue solved. Don't delay this.

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by: Helpingmysister on

My sister got pulled over a few weeks ago because she had an expired sticker on her licence plate. It was just a week past her birthday. She thought she bought a two year sticker but was wrong. The policewoman then discovered she had a suspended licence from failing to pay a speeding ticket. this would be her only speeding ticket in forty some years. My sister was very distraught and upset, was sure she paid that ticket, and also upset that she was driving with a suspended licence. To top it off, her insurance papers were not up to date in her vehicle. So, the policewoman confiscated her licence, gave her a new ticket for the violations with a court date on it. My sister had to go to the police station to show her valid insurance. She asked the police station people if she could have her lislcence back and of course they said no, that's service ontarios jobs. What is bothering us all is my sister seems to think she can't drive until her end of April court date, and that she could get thrown in jail if the judge sees fit, and have an extended licence suspension. She has even hired a lawyer! We think she just has to go to the courthouse, pay everything off, get a temporary liscence and the permanent one sent in the mail. She also thinks that the laws are stricter now since January 2015 about this, and when we tell her to go to the courthouse she thinks that's a waste of time. so, who is right? my brother in law didn't have this problem last fall, suspended liscence from not paying a seatbelt ticket. I think we are right and she is wrong, please advise.

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