Licence Suspension Appeal Tribunal

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Licence Suspension Appeal Tribunal

by: nitpicker on
Fri Aug 31, 2012 6:45 am

Hi everyone , I need some direction and Im hoping that someone can point me there. I am 7 years into a lifetime suspension for 3 DUI's back in another life. About a year ago I started emailing the powers that be... ie , the Minister of Transportation , the judge that convicted me , ect ,,,,ect..... A friend of mine in the program , ( lawyer ) gave me some hope with a tribunal for appeals in Toronto. I am sober 4 years now and really want to move forward , as well operating my own business gets very expensive having a driver all the time , or cabbing it. I have compiled all my documentation as far as court records , rehab discharges ( Ive been to 2 of them ) also my phycians recommendations as well as various letters from sober friends of mine who have alot of sobriety in their recovery.

I dont know if Im barking up the wrong tree with this tribunal , or should I even send them in the $100 and application or am I throwing that money away?

Should I perhaps complete my Back on Track course before persuing this course of action?

Any hope would be appreciated.

Looking forward to any reply's
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