Considering Suspension Of Licence (manitoba)

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Considering Suspension Of Licence (manitoba)

by: caige on

Hi there,

I'm actually from Manitoba and was hoping anyone from here has some advice or insight in which could help me.

I received a letter from Manitoba Public Insurance stating that they are considering on suspending my licence for 3 violations in the past 18 months. The violations are as follows:

1) Talking on phone at a red light. (I only did this because I was going to be late for a job interview)

2) Going 100KM on a 80KM (I honestly did not know, I had a heavy foot and there was no traffic to compare my speed too)

3) going 130KM in a 100KM (My dog was having a seizure and I had to get home ASAP. I was on the highway and there was no traffic and it was dead, completely dead and that's why I decided to speed up while it was dead, I would of slowed down when other vehicles approached. Not to mention I got laid off of work earlier that day so my head was not in the right frame of mind.)

MPI stated that I can either respond in person for a hearing or mail them a letter stating why I should keep my licence. When I phoned MPI, the lady said the next available timeslot was not until 3rd week of March and that writing would be quicker. So I wrote them a letter and summarized the following

- That I was incredibly remorseful for the offences I committed

- I paid the price with my guilt and those fines totally $800

- I live in a small town 45-60 mins away from University and my job and that I need my licence to get to school/work. I live in the middle of nowhere, no licence means my life is pretty much over. I also take care of my 95 year old grandparets and volunteer at the humane society (which is also 60 minutes away from where I live) and I can't not havfe my licence because it not only affects me but my family, friends and longterm signigicant other (who lives an hour away as well).

So, I'm not quite sure what to do or say at this point. I'm hoping someone could give me advice or feedback or tell me what king of reponse I should prepare for when they respond to my letter.

I'm 23, I've been driving and had some type of licence since I was 16 or so and I have no history of offences or accidents other than above.

Thanks a bunch.

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by: Radar Identified on

Don't know if the letter would've covered it, but this sounds pretty similar to the Ontario process where, if you accumulate enough demerit points within two years, they call you in for an interview. Based on the interview, they decide whether or not to suspend your licence. Usually, if you show remorse and promise them that you will drive in a law abiding manner, are reasonably well-dressed and polite, they won't do anything. Conversely, if you show up and start ranting about the police, how this is bulls***, the government this the government that, and are wearing ripped and tattered clothes and look like Joe S*** the Rag Man, you'll probably get suspended.

I can't say for sure what MPI would do in your case. However, knowing how civil servants who handle these types of situations typically react, the "incredibly remorseful" part of it probably was what they wanted to hear to not suspend your licence.

Good luck with it.

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by: docrdl on

Hello, I was wondering what came of this situation?

I am in a similar situation. I received a letter from MPI stating that I may have to take a responsible driving class. However, I do not recall seeing anything about possible license suspension. But there may very well have been (Issue being I am away from home, so I can't read the letter).

So essentially this is what happened.

- I was talking on my cell phone. Awful habit, I got a ticket. Haven't done it since.

- I was caught speeding on the highway. 122 in a 110, I believe.

- Then I received the letter, which I did not take lightly. But then again, here I am.

- So while being late for a flight, I was listen doing 138 in a 100. (Not that I am excusing myself, but it was a 110-transition to a -100 area, and I didn't slow quick enough, Speeding all the same, regardless)

Anyways, I know MPI has changed their rules a bit, but i was curios the results of the OPs case. As I am quite concerned for my license, as I need it for my livelihood.

Thank you in advance.

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