Hta Section 85.1 Cvor Truck And Trailer Tickets

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Hta Section 85.1 Cvor Truck And Trailer Tickets

by: ckitch on

I have received a pair of tickets a few months ago for my truck and trailer and was given the typical HTA 85.1 tickets.

Based on all the information I have been reading, the only way that this ticket can be validated is if the officer takes a weight of your vehicle and trailer, is this not correct? That would be the only way the trailer can be verified you are over the registered weight of the 2800 kg when pulled behind a personal use pickup truck? Unless there is a GVWR listed higher than that of course.

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by: Decatur on

Forget about the term CVOR. Section 85(1) has nothing to do with it. You’ve been charged with: Operate vehicle-fail to display device.

Annual inspections are required when alone or in combination your truck and trailer have a total gross weight, registered gross weight or manufacturers gross vehicle weight rating is more than 4500 kg.

Total gross weight must be calculated on a scale.

RGW is indicated on the plate portion of the truck permit. (Trailers don’t have one)

MGVWR is indicated on the truck vin plate and sometimes on the trailer.

If your truck MGVWR is over 4500kg, both the truck and any trailer you pull (some exceptions) must both have an annual inspection..

Google Ontario annual inspection certificate and you should find information from MTO

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