Red Light Ticket, Cvor

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Red Light Ticket, Cvor

by: Heynow999 on

I have an AZ license and I work in the film industry in Toronto. Last night on the way back to the yard from a job I went through a red light in Toronto and saw the dreaded flash. I am not making excuses, but these were the circumstances. It was night time and raining and I was driving a large, loaded, 10 ton truck. I wasn't speeding. When I saw the light turn yellow my only thought was, "can I stop this large vehicle safely on this wet road or do I have time to make it through safely". I chose to ease up on the gas and coast through the intersection with my hand covering the horn. If the roads were dry, or if I had been in a car it would have been an easy stop, but the reality is that a large vehicle has a lot of momentum and I know I probably could have stopped, but it would have been pretty dramatic and probably not safe.

I know that if there actually was a camera in the box, and if it managed to get a good picture of the plate, it will be sent to the company.

So my question is what happens to the company with respect to the companies CVOR? I know that the ticket doesn't affect insurance or my license, but does it show up on a CVOR?

I will talk to my company and let them know a ticket may be coming, and I am prepared to pay for the ticket. I will also fight the ticket, if the company let's me, as I have successfully beaten a red light camera ticket in the past.


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by: ynotp on

The ticket does not go on the CVOR it is issued to the owner of the plate. In much the same way that there is no way to ticket the driver with a camera, there is no way for them to know with certainty what CVOR # you were operating under as CVOR, ownership of vehicles and licence plates are not linked.

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by: screeech on

The MTO will do a search on commercial plates and if there is a cvor # attached they will issue the cvor points, if there are any. Often police officers don't even know what a cvor # is and don't put it in, for any charge, when the mto gets the conviction notice they search it and assess the points to the plate holder.

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