What And How A Hta Vioation Affects Cvor

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What And How A Hta Vioation Affects Cvor

by: Off_Camber on

I saw a posting by a Trucker who wanted to know if a specific violation of the Highway Traffic Act.

On the Offence Notice, theres a specific area for an Officer (Poice,MTO etc)

to fill in theCVOR #

Most cops dont bother filling this in as it is not required. (sometimes they dont to be nice so it wont show on your CVOR) Some MTO enfocement officers use certain discretion as to whether or not to fill this in.

as an example, if a truck driver gets pulled in the scale for say a Level 1 inspection, and finds a section 84 (1.1) "Vehicle with critical defect deemed unsafe", its guaranteed hes writing in the CVOR # as this affects both the commercial drivers CVOR and the companys safety rating/threshold on there CVOR

IF the cop writes the CVOR # on the offence notice- if theres a conviction- it shows. IF the CVOR# is NOT written on the Ticket, then it wont show.

just thought I would contribute some info to the Forum :D

Any other questions? :wink:

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by: hwybear on

Just add in a few things too..

CVOR (Commercial Vehicle Operators Registration) = authorized by Ontario government to operate a CMV in Ontario.

Every CMV (commercial motor vehicle) over 4500kgs requires a CVOR.

A CVOR is for the company, not just one CMV. Therefore a company with 37 CMV can photo copy the original CVOR and place in all their CMV's.

What happens is the CVOR is assessed a "Carrier Safety rating". Ratings are based on collisons, convictions, inspections and facility audits. The rating is available to the public. This allows public to determine if the company meets their needs, plus allows good companies to "blow their own horn" if they are rated high. There are actually 5 ratings a company could have: excellent, satisfactory, satisfactory-unaudited, conditional and unsatisfactory.

Above is merely a suggestion/thought and in no way constitutes legal advice or views of my employer. www.OHTA.ca
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