How hard should I fight a lost cause?

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How hard should I fight a lost cause?

by: KTales on
Mon Apr 19, 2010 5:31 pm

I recently got pulled over for speeding and would like some advice on reducing the charge on a plea bargain... If the issue makes it to court I will most definitely lose unless on a technicality like th officer no showing or having a successful 11b...when the officer pulled me over I did admit I was speeding and that I was headed to work and was a little late (he asked... I know officers don't accept the time management defense)

I would like to see if I can plea bargain to a lesser charge but how aggressively should I fight the ticket in regards to disclosure requests and such... I read on another website that requesting detailed disclosure is not always a good idea seeing as the prosecution may build a stronger case after realizing you know what u are doing in a court room...I don't ant to lose my chance for a plea bargain by seeming too aggressive... How willing will the prosecution be with giving me a plea bargain in a simple speeding case with an admission of guilt having been given to the officer?

If this is the case the prosecuion will immediately realize that I really could not have a strong defense when they look at the evidence against me..

Any advice anyone has to give would be very much appreciated

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by: Frozenover on
Tue Apr 20, 2010 10:25 am

It will depend on how they do it at the court house you will be attending. But you should be able to get a plea bargain simply by speaking to the crown prior to the start of court on your day.

Asking for disclosure will not change the way the crown handles a plea bargain. However asking for disclosure creates an opportunity for the crown to mess up and allow you to have your case tossed.

The crown has no desire to take your case to a full trial.
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