Lost Ticket And Suspended License

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Lost Ticket And Suspended License

by: TDSK on

A few months ago I was pulled over for having expired plates. The car was transferred over to me from someone else as well as the plates and wasn't even thinking about the sticker expiring and I never got a notice saying it was going to happen so I never thought about it).

I'll take the lumps on that one and say I'm guilty, well at the time I was going through a huge cash crunch and wasn't able to pay it, well I ended up misplacing the ticket and forgot all about it and moved about a month or so afterward. Well I just received a notice at my new address that my license was suspended and I realize it was all because of this ticket I never paid.

I received the ticket in Toronto and now live a fair distance away. How do I go about paying this old ticket so I can go and pay the fee to get my license reinstated? Can I just go to my local city hall where you would normally bring a ticket to and give them my name and current address and my D/L# (I know my D/L# off heart if that helps them as well.) and they can find it and let me pay it that way? What information / I.D. would I need?

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by: hwybear on

go to your closest MTO and obtain a "suspension" number and how much is owing and for what. Take that info to your city hall or closest traffic court in your area and do what you have to do. Get a receipt and make sure the "suspension #" is listed on it, and a balance. Then take that back to MTO to get re-instated.

I don't know if that is the easiest way, but would certainly get all the info you need when going to both places.

Above is merely a suggestion/thought and in no way constitutes legal advice or views of my employer. www.OHTA.ca
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