Failure To Summon Permit

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Failure To Summon Permit

by: d3boy2002 on


I recently received 2 tickets, one for disobey sign (182,2) and one for failure to summon permit (7,5,a)

I turned left at a place with a sign saying 'do not turn left b/w 7am-6pm'.

I believe I am guilty of the first ticket, for failing to disobey sign, but as for the second ticket,

the OHTA states;

(5) Subject to subsection (6), every driver of a motor vehicle on a highway shall carry,

(a) the permit for it or a true copy thereof; and

(b) where the motor vehicle is drawing a trailer, the permit for the trailer or a true copy thereof,

and shall surrender the permits or copies for inspection upon the demand of a police officer. R.S.O. 1990, c. H.8, s. 7 (5).

where I was pulled over, there was no way for the officer to know that I took the highway (which I didn't). So I am deciding to go to court.

The officer even told me after handing me the tickets that if I went to court, he would be able to pardon me (i don't know exactly what he said, or if he mean't

just one ticket, or both).

Is there anything I should prepare for the court? Any advice?


Ben Park

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