Part III Summon - No Validation. HELP.

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Part III Summon - No Validation. HELP.

by: heather23 on
Sat Aug 04, 2012 4:28 pm

Long story short.

Dec 11 sticker. Problem? Yes. I've gotten 3 tickets since it expired, all of which I've paid on time. Today - I get pulled over downtown Toronto by 2 cop cars. Everyone's staring at me. Worst time of my life.

He tells me he's giving me a summon because I've failed to fix the problem.

Do I think I deserve this? Yes. I'm a good, law-abiding person...but I've had troubles in the past year, yadda yadda yadda.

Basically - I have $1500 worth of fines to pay off (red light ticket & 407)

I am paying it off and getting a VALID sticker before my Aug 30th court date.

Why I'm posting:

What can happen to me conviction wise? I've NEVER been summoned to court, only ever had to go as a witness. I'm scared as *EDIT*. I'm an honest person and this type of environment just isn't for me.

What is a typical scenario of what will happen? If I show that I've solved the problem - will they be easier on me?

Demerit points? Suspensions? Fines? Not sure how this all works.

Do I get a lawyer? or is that crazy talk? Seriously thinking of getting a family member to go in for me as I'd be shitting myself profusely :)

Thanks for all your input. Please no judging on my Dec 11 sticker. Everoyne has their own *EDIT*. Just looking for some honest help.
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