Sect 8(1) Failure To Sign Permit $110 Fine

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by: racer on

Reflections wrote:Rename the web site

Ontario Traffic Confussion

Rules you may understand one day

Nah, this is a good domain name, besides there is too much work involved, the traffic will drop to the floor (we've been up for 15 months now, that's quite some time as far as web is concerned). Good point though, it speaks volumes of OHTA.

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by: shmeli on

I went today into court, pleaded guilty with explanation. The judge was the nicest person and she suspended the fine meaning I get my conviction but don't have to pay any fine. So 2 dollars for the parking in front of the court house and 110 dollars in my pocket saved.

It is really interesting to sit in the court just listening to what people have to say and to judges comments. After I walked out could already see the prosecutor and a lot of cops outside waiting for the trials to start. That would be the interesting stuff, but had no time to wait for it to start.

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