Driving In Ontario On American Learner's Permit

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Driving In Ontario On American Learner's Permit

by: Stryk3r1337 on

My sister is visiting me from the US (Connecticut, to be specific). She has a learner's permit in her home state. Is she able to drive here if I'm sitting in the passenger seat? Note that I have 4 black dots on my license indicating that I'm eligible to be the accompanying driver for a G1 driver. I couldn't find an exact answer anywhere else.

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by: Zatota on

All driving in Ontario is governed by the HTA, so she will have to comply with all provisions of the Act, including having you or someone else who's eligible riding beside her. She also has to be 16 (I know some states allow people as young as 14 or 15 to have learner permits; I could probably look up Connecticut's age, but just make sure she's 16).

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