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Stunt Driving And Driving Overthe Limit By 50 Km Court Summons.

by: frostysam44 on

Hey guys Saturday I was trying to diagnose and make my car re learn fuel trim going to work and was distracted looking at my torque app for engine code and sadly I was stupid and the police officer said I was doing 113 in a 60 zone following an other car.

Now make stupid decision and pay the stupid prize but now idk what to do I need my license to work since I'm always on the go for my millwright job.

Info on me: 29 mâle license is in Quebec and I never had a ticket before or been pull over .

Cop makes the court summons at 115 but he initially said 113 so that kinda bullshit and when he stop me the other car was going at least 130 since he was pulling away from me so I think the cop only stop me for having a apprentice Quebec license( would of gotten my full license in August on Québec).

Next is my job told me they would refer me to their ticket lawyer should I take it or its not even worth it and just try to deal with the court my self?

Any help would be appreciated and one last thing is my court date is in May so I don't know if I can drive after 7 days and I'm also moving to Ottawa this January so I don't know how this will affect my transfer of my license

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by: nmrch on

I don't know what its like in Quebec but in Ontario, you can definitely drive after your 7 day suspension, they'll even send you the replacement license for free since the Officer takes yours.

I wouldn't panic too much, you need to start thinking clearly and have a plan of action. This is a long term thing, it can take a like a year or more to resolve your case if you decide to fight it, so just go about your daily life like normal and not worry too much. Even if you get convicted at the end of the process(again this is all Ontario advice) you'll still keep your license, its gonna be harder to get insurance and you will have to pay a lot more(atleast double) but you should still be able to drive.

I would definitely hire a paralegal who has experience working with stunt driving charges. The important part is the experience, don't just hire anyone, and take your time finding one. The companies that advertise fighting tickets(like XCopper) will quote you around a $1000, those guys should be fine but don't rule out the independent paralegals as long as they have the experience and good reviews.

I know some will advice going on your own and dealing with the prosecutor but a good paralegal will be worth it IMO, it'll save you all the time you have to spend attending court, and they can be the difference when it comes to making the best possible deal.

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