Driving w/o Ins fines from 7yr ago, Never paid a cent

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Driving w/o Ins fines from 7yr ago, Never paid a cent

by: werdnatoronto on
Thu Jul 29, 2010 11:55 pm

Long story short. 7 years ago Caught w/o insurance, fines total about nine thousand bucks. I have never made a single payment. I got rid of the car and have taken the bus since.
Now I want my license back.
Because it's been so long I doubt they will give me an "extension of time to pay fine"

This is what I am planning and would like anyones advice...it's all true by the way. I hope maybe a JP will make an exception or something.
-----The last seven years of my life have been very tough, when caught without insurance I was engaged in severe compulsive gambling: I have been on treatment now for five years and successfully overcome the addiction. At the time I was caught I had just been hospitalized for a suicide attempt and was living in a shelter. 2 years ago after medical complications I developed epilepsy and was under a medical suspension, this has now been lifted.
These are not excuses, they are explanations. I work full time now supporting dually diagnosed disabled men, and volunteer on the side. unfortunately I went through a very tough period.... I am now ready to be responsible and pay these fines however I need more time. And the lack of a license is significantly holding me back at work..etc etc
etc. I AM HOPING TO TUG AT THE HEART STRINGS OF A JP OR JUDGE SO TO SPEAK. will it work? I can get everything in writting. somone told me that I first must get 'motion to reopen a trial'. Any advice or insight is appreciated! Thanks Andrew
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