Driving same day as fines/reinstatement paid?

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Driving same day as fines/reinstatement paid?

by: simfitz on
Wed Dec 21, 2011 10:15 pm

Hello all,

My husband recieved a notice of suspension in the mail today - He makes a living for us by driving for deliveries and really cannot afford to be off work for multiple days.
If I were to go into the court tomorrow morning, pay the overdue fines and then jet off to the MTO office and pay the reinstatment fee is there ANY way possible of him driving the same day and not being at risk of having his van seized? If he were to have all the proof of payments with the court, and the reinstatment fee being paid with him while driving and if he were pulled over, would the officer still give him a ticket for driving with a suspended license?
I would just call in sick to work tomorrow and drive for him but i myself do not drive.

I do understand all the stupidity of not paying the tickets on time, etc.. But any insight would be greatly appreciated!
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