Parking Fines - Can't Renew Sticker Until Paid

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Parking Fines - Can't Renew Sticker Until Paid

by: MrG on

So during the last year I have racked quite a bit of parking tickets near where I work here in Hamilton, approx $2k.

Yes, my fault and own laziness.

Here's the deal: our car is currently registered in my wife's name and we cannot get a new sticker until all the parking fines are paid. I am trying to pay off every mos but slow process & I have been stopped 3 times this past few mos & ticketed because of the expired sticker.

Is this possible:

We change the veh ownership over to my name and I get new plates with a sticker under . We then continue to work at paying off the parking tickets over the next few mos & I avoid the continual tickets. Can this be done?

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