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Can I Ask For Case Dismiss - Court Date Is Given Now For A Early 2020 Ticket

by: saftyfirst on

My wife got a minor traffic ticket in Toronto area in Feb 2020, we filed court appeal and waited. Recently my wife checked the ticket online and it appears that the court date was August 25 !! and we received no notification in mail at all.

Considering the covid pandemic and all the freezes,

- May I ask for case dismiss since its already been 31 months from offense date?

- Since we missed the court date due to not receiving notice in mail, can we claim for a new court date and who is responsible for delay (does this count within 18 month period) ?

Thank you for advice !

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by: bend on

You should probably worry about reopening your case as soon as possible. I believe you have 15 days to do so. (Might be 30 but I believe it's 15 for reopening, 30 for appeal)

As far as unreasonable delays go, you did receive your ticket during a global pandemic.

Good luck.

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