The Ontario Highway Traffic Act section 78.1(1) deals with Hand-held devices and distracted driving.
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Hand-held Devices Ticket: No Disclosure, Second Court Date

by: nometalgear on


I got a hand-held ticket. the phone was in my upper pocket of my dress shirt back in July last year. My phone started ringing. I have previously noticed a police car behind me, so I asked my wife to pick the phone for me. she reached out and took the phone, answered and put it on speaker so I can talk. The phone location was in the middle of the car. I was flagged by the officer and the rest is history.

Weather status the day of:

It was pouring rain that day, It was night time, and visibility on the roads were extremely difficult.

Current situation:

I asked for a disclosure, they gave me a court date and told me they will contact me regarding the disclosure.

First court date was about two months ago, I went there and the disclosure at the time hasn't arrived yet. So they asked me if I wanted to:

  • Postpone the court
  • Take the court without the disclosure

So I requested to postpone the court date.

Today I have the next court date and I haven't received the disclosure yet. Any advise?

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