Accident - Changed Story

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Accident - Changed Story

by: Nudak on
Thu Jul 01, 2010 1:23 pm

Alrighty, here's the background:
I was stopped at a yeild sign, (at ~5.00 pm) waiting to turn right, I moved up ~5-8 ft, stopped and was rear-ended by the car behind me. We both stopped at a strip mall (on the corner were I was turning right). Looked at the damage and I took pics on my cell phone (dented bumper and paint scratches on my car, and bent licence plate and paint scratches on his car.) We exchanced insurance info. He told me to get a repair quote and call him to arrange the details. Since the damage appeared to be less than $1000 and there was no injuries we both proceded on our way. I called the accident reporting center later that evening and gave my statement.

Now, on to the problem:
His story gives a totally fabricated version of the events. He says "that I backed into him in the parking lot." Not that he hit me on the road. I don't have any evidence to say differently. We didn't talk to anyone who saw the accident. There was no debris left on the road. The pics that were taken, were taken in the parking lot. What can I do? Can I call his insurance company directly? How can I get what is owed to me? Is it just my word against his?
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by: Radar Identified on
Fri Jul 02, 2010 1:38 am

Ultimately, in a you-said/I-said situation, it's difficult. A trip to small claims court may be required, unfortunately, particularly if the damage amount is below your deductible. Get a copy of the report you filed with the Collision Reporting Centre. You may need that, plus you may need to get in touch with the police and your insurance company as well, to get this addressed. Sometimes insurance companies will provide some guidance in how to deal with these matters (if they're any good, that is).
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