Interesting Suspended License Story. Require Info.

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Interesting Suspended License Story. Require Info.

by: Drakex89 on

Back in 2013 I had gotten a ticket.. I did not pay this ticket.. Was planning to do it when i had the money.. Was stupid of me.. Anyways i had nothing in the mail about it stating it was due or my licence would be under suspension or could be.. nothing. Got pulled over.. cop said he ran my plate randomly came back as suspended... blah blah.. I said I told him i new about a unpaid ticket but it was not defaulted yet nor was i warned or had anything in the mail about this... But he handed me a ticket for driving while suspended licence... Told me to go to the courts to take care of it and tell them you reviced nothing in the mail they may throw it out. I did this.. Court told me and showed me what was suspending my licence.. I paid it all off.. They said i was free to go and everything was fine. 3 year later to oct 7 of this year.. i get in the mail that my licence effective as of oct 7 suspended extended for 6 months.. Turns out it was because i did not attended my court date of 2013 that was on my ticket i got for driving while suspended which i never new about... I filed for a apeal to get this sorted out to explain my self and fix it.. Everything is paid and fine... the courts gave back my licence too when i paid them off back in 2013.. so it was a shock three years later bam.. I got nothing in the mail about appeal or anything.. but... my mother found all my tickets fines and due dates for 2013 in a address 6 years ago i never lived at well 6 years ago. i was never tied to that place for years.... Then i get in the mail saying my supison is cancelled. Soo does that mean its off my record..? No reply on apeal just your supision has been cancelled.

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