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Follow Too Close Court Date Sept 18th 2009 Any Help

by: glen1815 on

I was pulled over southbound on the 400. A van passed me in the passing lane and pulled in front of me as we went around a corner. A unmarked OPP cruiser was parked on the shoulder. The van in front of me put on his brakes when he saw the cruiser. I braked hard as well. The cruiser put on his lights and pulled me over. Said he clocked me at 127kmph. But was going to not give me a speeding ticket but a following too close ticket. I had know idea it was a 4 point ticket. I was not following too close there was no accident involved. I really feal this is a un just charge. I followed the outline listed for fighting the ticket on this site. Got my discloser package which was the officers notes which read as follows--cool clear dry --1 driver ontario license--southbound lane 2--maybe 1 length behind van--going 127km/h--over 1/2 mile distance--plain car parked s/bound in dirt s/ of #12 HIGHWAY.. That is all that was in disclosed notes. I go to court on friday sept 18th 2009.

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by: Bookm on

Good luck. Tell it like it is! Even if you lose, at least you tried.

BTW, the Crown will likely offer a lower charge just before court. It'll be up to you whether you accept the deal or not.

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