Summons to Defendant HTA 175(11)

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Summons to Defendant HTA 175(11)

by: tundra on
Sat Mar 17, 2012 1:54 pm

I had a visit from a police officer yesterday and was asked about an incident that happened well over a month ago. Apparently, I went through a school bus with red flashing lights and the stop sign out. She(the bus) was stopped at a T intersection with me making a right hand turn and after stopping at the stop sign, I did not see the lights on the bus and proceeeded on my way and now I have been issued a summons as a defendant to appear to the Highway Traffic Act Charge of 175(11).

I did not mean to do this and am aware that ignorance is not grounds for my error, but my questions are:

1)Will I be charged as the driver(my name is on the summons) or will I be charged as the owner?
-I told the officer that I was driving that day as I am the only one driving the vehicle at that time of the morning. i)Was he just asking questions or will my honesty burn me on this one?

2)Will I automatically be hit with the 6 demerit points and fine, or just the fine?

3)I have never in 25 years of driving has any tickets. Will this clean record play any role in reduction of demerit points or not?

Many thanks in advance!
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by: Stanton on
Mon Mar 19, 2012 9:40 am

1) Sections 175(11) means you're being charged as the driver. If you were being charged as the owner it would fall under section 175(19).
2) Since you're being charged as the driver demerit points will apply.
3) The Crown may be willing to offer you a reduced fine, but they can't reduce points. The only way to avoid points is to be found not guilty or work out a plea deal to a less serious charge.
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