Crossing Tracks With Flashing Railway Lights Ticket?

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Crossing Tracks With Flashing Railway Lights Ticket?

by: fakecarrottop on


I was at a railway crossing yesterday, the train was stopped on the side of the tracks, the railway lights were flashing, and the gates were in the upright position/not being lowered. I went over the tracks as the lights were still flashing and did not receive a ticket from anyone on the spot. Should I be worried about receiving one in the mail?


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by: bend on

Did you come to a complete stop?

If so, it's not illegal. If there is no barrier being used, you'd make a complete stop and proceed as long as it is safe to do so.

If you didn't stop, you weren't pulled over at the scene anyways. They're not pursuing this after the fact. It's not realistic. If you're being mailed a ticket, it's because you're being charged as the owner of the vehicle. There's only a few charges where that's an option and railway crossing infractions aren't one of them.

I wouldn't waste too much time worrying about this.

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