Unintentionally Passed School Bus With Lights Flashing

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Unintentionally Passed School Bus With Lights Flashing

by: aes on

Today I was driving down a main road (three lanes inc. one turning lane) and passed school bus in the opposite direction with its red lights flashing (but stop sign not out yet). It was pulled over to the side and I panicked because I forgot whether I was to stop if lights flashing yet but no stop sign up on a non-residential street. Completely stupid, just blanked and I feel terrible, have been sitting here feeling physically sick (and disgusted at myself) for the last two hours. Slowed down but didn't stop. I heard a horn that I think was the bus driver's.

In this situation, what would most likely happen if the bus driver recorded my licence plate number and reported me? I know fine is $400-$2000 + possible 6 demerit points. What about insurance? Thanks in advance for any replies.

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