Passed A School Bus With Flashing Lights. I Am Physically Ill From This

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Passed A School Bus With Flashing Lights. I Am Physically Ill From This

by: Sandber on

Hi, I am new to this site.

I came here because I just passed a school bus with flashing lights. I am physically ill from this, as I am always so very careful around school buses. There was something that caught my attention on the opposite side of the road and before I was aware, the bus had stopped in front. It was one of the smaller school buses and I didn't even see the lights flashing. The driver honked, but I was already past the stop sign on the bus and so I kept going. It had stopped a mere few seconds before. I feel absolutely awful and considered going to the police station to report myself!!

What should I do???

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by: bend on

You don't have to do anything.

You were not pulled over at the scene. If they want to charge the owner of the vehicle, they'll show up at the address listed. If that happens, pay it and move on. It's the equivalent of a parking ticket. It doesn't go against your license.

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by: lissie on

Hi there,

The same thing happened to me today. How long is it until the officer shows up?

Thank you

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