Passing A School Bus At Railway Crossing

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Passing A School Bus At Railway Crossing

by: adam7 on

Hello Everyone,

I had a question about passing a school bus at a "railway crossing"

Here is what happened : a school bus was stationary at a railway crossing and there were no " Red flashing lights" on the school bus either. So, I simply passed the school bus from left without stopping.

After I had passed the school bus ( at railway crossing ) , farther down the road I stopped at a stop light. I noticed the bus driver 2 or 3 cars behind me on the adjacent lane, and he seemed to be either writing something down on a piece of paper or reading something ( I am not sure which one). So my paranoia kicked in, and I started to wonder if he was making a note of my license plate , to report me to the police.

So my question is : did I violate some traffic rule ( by passing a stationary school bus ) at a railway crossing ?

Any input or suggestion would be much appreciated.

Thank you



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by: bend on

Driving to left of centre prohibited under certain conditions

149 (1) No vehicle shall be driven or operated to the left of the centre of a roadway designed for one or more lines of traffic in each direction,

(a) when approaching the crest of a grade or upon a curve in the roadway or within 30 metres of a bridge, viaduct or tunnel where the driver’s view is obstructed within that distance so as to create a potential hazard in the event another vehicle might approach from the opposite direction; or

(b) when approaching within 30 metres of a level railway crossing


School buses required to stop

(2) The driver of a school bus, within the meaning of section 175, upon approaching on a highway a railway crossing, whether or not it is protected by gates or railway crossing signal lights, unless otherwise directed by a flagman, shall,

(a) stop the school bus not less than 5 metres from the nearest rail of the railway;

(b) look in both directions along the railway track;

(c) open a door of the school bus and listen to determine if any train is approaching; and

(d) when it is safe to do so, cross the railway track.

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