Got a Failing to obey signs traffic ticket?
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Turn Right On Red With No Right On Red

by: rano on


So I made the silly mistake of turning right on a red when there was a sign stating that this is not allowed. A cop pulled me over and to make matters worse I did not have my most recent pinkslip in the car. As such he gave me two tickets, one for "Proceeding intersection contrary to sign" and another for "failure to show proof of insurance".

I have requested a trial and was wondering if I can show the prosecutor evidence of having insurance at the time so the insurance ticket may be dropped while also seeing if the charges on the right turn ticket can be reduced?

I am not trying to prove I am not guilty since I do not have a good defense.

Furthermore, I was wondering what the impact on the insurance would be with 1 minor conviction. I've heard someone say it increases by $100-$200 per month which I don't think is true. By the way, right now I am on a plan with my entire family and we are paying $250 a month for two cars with one of them being on parking insurance.

Thank you.

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by: bend on

If you bring your proof of insurance, they might drop it for a guilty plea on the other charge. That's as good as it's going to get as far as deals go.

Your insurance will apply a surcharge percentage on your current rates. The surcharge is applied differently based on multiple factors. It isn't just a blanket amount where you can say it's 5% more than what i'm paying now. No one will be able to answer that except your provider. You can wait and find out or you can call them anonymously.

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by: highwaystar on

Bend's comments are correct (as usual). :)

If you don't have any prior convictions, the prosecutor will usually drop the insurance slip charge on a guilty plea to the sign charge. You won't get both charges dropped or reduced; only the insurance slip charge may be dropped, and they will only withdraw it AFTER you've entered your guilty plea to the sign charge 'as is' (to avoid you having second thoughts on the deal or wanting to go to trial on just the sign charge too).

In your situation, an early resolution meeting would have been a quicker and easier option for you. But, since you opted to go to trial right away, its only made matters more complicated because the prosecution have to spend time prepping the case, reserving the officer for court, and scheduling time for your trial in an otherwise busy court schedule. Some prosecutors are a lot less likely to be as nice on trial date to give deals then on an early resolution day. Still, hope is not lost; there's nothing that prevents you from emailing the prosecutor's office (well in advance of your trial date!) and proposing such a deal. If they accept it, you can at least sleep easy with some certainty on the outcome and just resolve it all on the trial day (in and out quickly).

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