please help, too little disclosure!

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please help, too little disclosure!

by: Cutiemouse888 on
Tue Oct 05, 2010 2:04 pm

I requested the disclosure on may 10 using the office's form.
court date is on July 22
on July 9 I called and ask if they have the disclosure yet, they said no
so, on July 22 I came out in court but there was no disclosure AND no interpreter! JP change court date until Nov, 10 because there is no interpreter! not mentioning anything about missing disclosure yet!

Now, with the November 10 court date
I request disclosure again on Sept 6 because I don't have disclosure yet
1 month later I called the office and they said they don't receive the fax request yet! but they already have the disclosure ready for me since May 13!
They said they called me but I don't pick up, that was not true because my cell phone is ON 24 hrs.

so any how, they said they have the disclosure for me already since the last court date! But When I called them on July 9, they said there was no disclosure! Any way, I got the disclosure now, even though it is not the specific one I was asking for....

Here is police note: 85 ( I think this is the speed clocked at)
posted 50 @ lionshead
and then blury word like "Love" or "Lone" or "Lore" and the word "NB"

and the device is Genesis VIP II on @6:30
or Genesis VDP II on @6:30
or Genesis V/P II on @6:30

and the manual that they give me was :
Genesis-VP directional (page 25 only)
6.1 operator -requested self test
6.2 Mini -test
and another manual they added in there was :
Genesis Handheld Directional manual (GHD)
5.2.7 Scanning The genesis handheld directional verifies speed accuracy using synthesized Doppler Frequencies corresponding to a series of four simulated speeds: 25, 50, 75, 100 when in KM/H mode.
Speed simulation Test-
5.2.8 Vehical ignition Interference
6.1 Testing device
6.3 Tracking history
for each enforcement action taken by the police with respect to a speeding offence arising out of the use of this radar unit a tracking history must occur. The tracking history must consist of:
1) A visual observation of an approaching motor vehical that appear to be in excess of the posted. Generally, skilled officer are able to estimate the speed within plus or minus 5 km/h.
2) having made the visual observation and estimate the rate of speed, the radar unit will be placed in the operational mode.
3) Note, that the target speed displayed on the radar unit is consistent and confirms the officer's initial estimate, and the audio tracking tone emitted by the radar unit is consistent with the visual observvation and the target speed displayed.

Please, can some expert help me answer is this the complete manual? To me, it is likely to be one section of 2 different manual.
What kind of device does police use in his scratchy hand notes?
can anyone help me how to get the full manual of his device?
and How do I know if he tested the device before and after shift since it doesn't mention that in his note.
what is " @6:30" mean?,
please help I only have 1 month until the next trail date, should I request another complete disclosure?
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