49 over in a 100 zone, court date Oct 1

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49 over in a 100 zone, court date Oct 1

by: madscientist on
Wed Sep 12, 2012 11:50 pm

I got caught speeding on my way to Montreal in April, while driving my friend's car
and I've been following the guide at the old http://fyst.ca site.

I filed for disclosure a month ago requesting:
* Fully typed version of the officer notes, including explanation of any short form.
* And a copy of the manual for the speed-measuring device used by the officer.

I did end up getting the documents recently, but the notes were not typed
and there was no documentation for the radar used by the officer.

There was a synopsis page that only stated the radar was "tested according to the manufacturers
instructions and it was found to be working accurately before and after this incident",
and it stated the officer was last qualified to use the radar in Oct 2011.

Note: I live in Waterloo normally, it takes a good 5-6 hours to get to the court house for this (in Cornwall).

So couple of things:
* Should I bother requesting for more complete disclosure, since they didn't include anything about the radar?
* Should I bother requesting to change the court date (as per the guide) / do I need to go to the court house to change it?
* Any other things I could do to improve my chances for fighting this ticket?
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